Summer Reading

We’re All In This Together Interactive Concert

Show tailored to either:

– Families

– Pre-K

– K-2nd

– 3rd – 5th 

New books on Inclusion and Diversity can be added to fit your program

View this Anti-Bullying Prep Video to hear some of the songs which can be used

For Summer 2023 Library Reading Theme, We’re All In This Together!


Patrons enjoy singing and role-playing characters showing empathy, compassion, caring, inclusion, perseverance, friendship, and bullying. Exercises demonstrate welcoming and unwelcoming body language.

Performing 5 or 6 songs like Mean Jean, the Recess Queen, Charlie the Caterpillar, and Rainbow Fish (K-2) or How To Train Your Dragon, Wonder, Hugo, and Harry Potter (3-5) add excitement and levity to a very real and important issue. Singing together is a powerful uniting force! Full audience participation. 

For older elementary: Add books like G.O.A.T. about how Serena Williams changed the face of tennis, and the story of The Harlem Globetrotters about taking 28 years before the first African American player was signed to the NBA.

Let’s work together to make a show perfect for your target age group!