Facts And Questions


FAQ: Where can I view your e-press kit?


FAQ: What is the program about?


FAQ: What is your creative process?


FAQ: Can we hear any of the songs?


FAQ: Do you have any video of the shows in action?


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FAQ: Can we buy any of the songs?


FAQ: Do you have a video sample of your virtual shows?




FAQ: Who are you?

My name is Leonora Knight. I am an NYU School of The Arts graduate with a BFA in acting, a professional singer/keyboard player, private voice and piano teacher, Radiant Child and Kundalini Yoga teacher, mother, and wife.

For more information about me, see the About me.

FAQ: I’m a teacher/parent/librarian, and I want you at my school/library! What do I do?

Live, Virtual and Pre-recorded shows are available through the NYC Dept of Ed (active vendor), Nassau, Westchester,
and Eastern Suffolk BOCES, Suffolk and Nassau County PTA database, NY State Library Database, Suffolk and Nassau County Library Database, or I can be contacted directly.

Usually I receive a phone call (631) 858-0980 home or (631) 223-5781 cell, or an email leeknight814@gmail.com to check for dates and to discuss details.

After we discuss the details I will create and send you an INFO Sheet outlining all we discussed.

Boces and libraries send me a contract, which I sign, photocopy for my records, and return.

FAQ: What do you need for a Virtual Show?

I need the following:

  • 1. to set up a meeting on your preferred format, i.e. Google Classroom, Zoom, etc.
  • 2. a person at the venue to be the co-host.
  • 3. to be able to Share Screen in order to present the music videos
  • 4. a liaison to send the optional list of simple props, ie. Household items, stuffed animals, simple costumes to the children.
  • 5. the children to be encouraged to sing along, stand up and dance, and act out the songs with me
  • 6. help with Q & A and follow-up questions from the students

FAQ: What do you offer in the Virtual Shows?


  • 1. Entertaining and exciting music videos to my original songs
  • 2. Videos include lyrics to encourage reading and group singing
  • 3. I can now take students into each book, or show realistic footage of animals, and locations.
  • 4. More time for Q & A between each video and at the end of the program

FAQ: How are your Yoga Stories different than regular yoga in the classroom?

Yoga stories come directly from Radiant Child Yoga with asanas, flows, breath work, and meditation designed to aid stress and anxiety, while promoting general good health.
Weaving these practices into creative and sometimes silly stories holds children’s attention.
Students enjoy the “timer” challenge of twisting, bouncing, stretching, jumping, or breathing for one or sometimes two minutes.
Music and singing are used throughout, even for meditation and games.
Brain Gym, Yoga Warrior Cards, and Mindfulness techniques are also used in the class.

FAQ: How long is each show?

Live Virtual shows are usually between 45 and 55 minutes, leaving time for interaction and Q & A.
Will adjust to your schedule, if the show/s need to be shorter to fit into a school schedule.
Pre-Recorded shows are usually 30 minutes.

FAQ: How long have you been doing this?

I’ve done musical storytime at Borders, Books & Music, and wrote many of the songs for storytime at The Heckscher Museum of Art, but in 2004 is when I started putting everything together as “Lee Knight’s Interactive Concerts,” the 45 minute musical/theatrical program in schools and libraries. I added the “Interactive Concerts” in the summer of 2005.
In the Spring of 2020 I added Virtual and Pre-Recorded programs because of the Pandemic.

FAQ: Are you insured?

Yes, I am fully insured and incorporated, as both a performer and a yoga teacher.

FAQ: Why do you do this?

I’m very excited to be offering Virtual and Pre-Recorded Remote and Distance Learning options to teachers and children during the Pandemic.
I majored in acting at NYU because I had already studied voice and dance. I wanted to be a triple-threat. Now I use my talents and experience in a different way, merging all the arts to support the school curriculum. Writing music for children comes easily for me, and I enjoy the challenge of capturing the mood of a book through music. We piloted the program in Jesup, Georgia, several years ago and witnessed how the power of the arts can stimulate reading in young children. I consider myself lucky and blessed to be able to share these gifts with Pre-K and elementary school children.

FAQ: What is your mission statement?

Guiding children into their person power of creativity through the performing arts.