Creative Process

Creative Process & How To Inspire Students


My Creative Process & Student Follow-Up Activity

Pick an interesting book
Write a poem from your point of view
Select a cultural rhythm to capture the essence of the story
Record song using a piano keyboard, garage band or other computer program
Transfer onto a computer and then onto an iPod
Create costumes and props from the book for students to use with the song
Create dance moves or staging for the song
Burn the songs onto CDs and send to the schools
Then it’s SHOWTIME!!

I have always had music in my thoughts. I enjoy turning a book into a musical extravaganza!

What is always in YOUR thoughts?
What do you enjoy doing the most?

Ask yourself:
“What is the composer’s point of view?”
“What is my point of view?”
“Does this come easy to me?”
“What does come easy for me?”
“What is always in my thoughts?”
“Can I do something creative with my thoughts?”

Turn a book into a dance, an art project, a play, how can you use the arts to make a stand for something you believe in?